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It’s Ours

I got an text message from my Realtor at 12:16 and it’s officially ours! We’re now the owners of record. Wow, I’ve been looking at houses for over a year now, how the hell am I going to fill my time now, hah Advertisements

The Plans – The Garden

Oh, there are so many things to be done in the garden, it’s hard to know where to start. Once we close escrow (updated expectations are this Tuesday), we’ll attack the weeds and overgrown… everything. As we’ll need to get a cashier’s check and go into title to sign the papers on Tuesday, I’m planning … Continue reading

Prospect Mortgage 2

Sorry to bring another escrow post but I was looking through the last one all night, trying to find reason in what has happened. Of course, I still don’t see it anywhere but I did think this morning to look back a bit farther and find out when exactly XXXX received my file again… Now, … Continue reading

Prospect Mortgage

Yet again… I don’t know how they can possibly find ways to delay our escrow more every day, but somehow they do. I want to make it clear right off that if you ever come across Prospect Mortgage, do not work with them! I began the process of pre-approval for an FHA 203k loan with … Continue reading

The Plans – The House

Sometime in college, I went to visit family in the mid-west and was bored to death by programs they were watching on TLC about fixing up homes and gardens and redecorating. But while I remember disliking the programs during that whole trip, they did somehow grow on me and there began my interest in buying … Continue reading

The "Garden"

It’s a real pity that I can’t show you pictures of the worst condition the garden has been in this year. Apparently, I hear from my realtor, Patty Hyun (Highly highly recommended!), that the neighbors complained to the city of Oakland to get them out to the house and fine the two brothers who own … Continue reading


To begin…. I guess I’ll introduce the family. There’s me, Jennifer, who will be making this blog; also, author of most of the plans that will be unfolding here, amateur photographer, gardener and landscape designer. Gardening is only a recent interest of mine but once I found it, the interest became somewhat of an obsession. … Continue reading



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