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First Shovelfuls

Last week on Sunday evening, we took out the hose to soak the ground at the back of the yard, preparing for our first transplant. Patrick has started demolishing the small retaining wall and will soon be knocking rocks and concrete onto the old roses there, so we’re moving them for their own safety. We … Continue reading

Lemons, Blackberries, and Roses

Popping by the house last night, I was finally able to remember to take some pictures (after going back to the car for the camera). Like I wrote last week, I decided to let Patrick take off some limbs on the lemon tree. I did the supervising as he would have just cut off too … Continue reading

Thirsty Plants

The plumbing was officially finished this last Saturday! If only we had a hose that I could have used right away, I know all the plants were dying of thirst but I started looking around for the old red hose we saw laying on the patio some time ago and found it was gone. Probably … Continue reading

Clearing the Garden

While the contractor set to work this last week, we also set to work on the garden area. Mostly working in the backyard, as there is nothing up front but weeds and grass. Well, except for one small street tree – a crape myrtle – and a bush next to our chimney. I weeded all … Continue reading

Starting Work

Well, we closed just over five days ago and already our contractor, Abel Diaz of A&D Construction and his crew have put in four days of work (although I only have pictures of three). On the day we closed, Wednesday, when I got home, even though Patrick was on the couch with a headache and … Continue reading



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