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The Grand Design

I’ve talked about it in pretty much all of the posts I’ve made before about the garden, but I haven’t ever posted a picture of the design I’m seeing in my head. So today, I’m letting everyone in on the secret. (BTW, I drew the outline based on the Google earth screenshot of my house, … Continue reading

New Growth

Going out last night to take some pictures around the backyard, I found that two new plants were starting to bud up. These are two that came with the house, that we cut down to ground level just after the house was officially ours – so two months ago. Since then they’ve grown like crazy … Continue reading

Grand Entrance

It’s taken a bit longer than we originally thought, but finally our front porch is starting to look like a porch. Our little house started with an understated and after nearly a hundred years, an unstable and leaning porch but now its nearly transformed into the grand entry our restored old beauty deserves. Not to … Continue reading

Doors, Flowers, and a Porch

So in the last few weeks, we’ve, mostly I, have made quite a bit of progress on the kitchen built-in refinishing… Phase 1: the doors. It may not look it, but the door below is finished and ready for painting, we have three such doors so far. Okay, actually we’ve only been working little by … Continue reading



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