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Now, yesterday, we came home to find that nothing had happened around the house, but two days ago we came home to find three things entirely unexpected. I haven’t been able to talk to Abel yet about it, but as these are extras being done to the place and not negatives, I guess I’m okay… … Continue reading

Walls and a Tiny Window

The shell has now been covered up in a mix of the old and new siding and everything is nearly complete with the garage. I would say it is all just in time for the rain but the roof is still just bare boards. But then, I know Abel is at the site right now … Continue reading

The Walls Go Up

In just the last four days, the men have changed the bare foundation of the garage to a fully framed and almost roofed structure. They’ve created a much taller structure than what we had before. We will have a full-sized side entry door where before we had to duck to get in (and neither of … Continue reading

New Foundations, Lil’ Front Garden

So pulling into our driveway on the first, we found that the carcass of our garage had been carried away during the workday (well, most of it, some being around the backyard). And we now understood the sign we saw hooked onto our back door the day before. We quickly decided to take their advice … Continue reading


Came home to see some quite unexpected things for the past two days in a row. First we find that our porch is finished. Yaaaay! Although, I’m sure you can see, I forgot to take pictures yesterday. But two days ago, we came home to this and were very happy too. The only thing left … Continue reading



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