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Even More Water

As forecasted, Oakland received just over two inches of rain during the night. Did our newly dug trench survive the night, did it move the excess water away from the boggy top of the yard? Yes! And it still is! Looking just at the sky, one would think that the rain has stopped already but … Continue reading

Far too Much Water

So this weekend, I was finally set to stop procrastinating and fill our green bin with blackberry brambles. And I did, as much as could fit at least, which happened to be a bit less than half. In the process of pulling and separating the amazingly long canes (some twisting nearly a dozen feet), I … Continue reading

Weeds and the Lemon Tree

I don’t have so much to add after my last post, just a couple pictures to post. I’ve mentioned before that I knew the top of my garden was weed infested and that I had even seen some of those nasty Oxalis clovers next to the fence when first viewing the house. Well… there is … Continue reading

Weekend Gardening

I was so so happy that the weekend arrived and it was actually dry like they said it would be. I’ve had a great desire to be out working in the garden lately but by the time I get home on a weekday, the light is already going. I’m barely able to look around and … Continue reading



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