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Finally Emerging

I’ve been horribly negligent about the bulbs that I so badly needed to buy over the last few months. Not on the buying side, I bought lots of bulbs but never got to planting them. Not until past all the recommended planting dates. On either January 8th or 9th, can’t remember, I planted the Muscari … Continue reading

Ours is the Most Beautiful House

…at least, on the street, if not farther out. To say the least, that Robin’s Egg blue isn’t on our house anymore. The painter’s finished the day yesterday sooo close to being completely finished with the house and for the first time this week, we came home before sunset and were actually able to see … Continue reading


So wonderful news, we’re getting a New Years Gift from our contractor! He’s painting our house, completely, instead of just priming it like he’s required to. So no more pink house! He told us this last Thursday when he came by in the evening and they started painting on Friday. We had already been thinking … Continue reading



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