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My Bloom Day

I know that garden bloggers have a specific day of the week they call bloom day… but I can’t remember which day that is so today is mine! I really want to share the pictures I’ve taken recently in my garden but I don’t feel much like writing… So today is bloom day! My first … Continue reading

New Flora

As a counterpart to my last post and as a way to make my posts not unbearably long, I will now talk about the plants that have been coming back to life in my garden. Last week I decided I was fed up with the way my tiny bit of cultivated front yard was looking … Continue reading

New Fauna

Not much work has been done in the past month but I’ve found I’m still able to enjoy the garden, despite my busy-ness, sickness, and plain bone idleness. Now that Spring has gotten started, I’ve gotten into the habit of having a walk through the yard every night and on the weekend… trying to put … Continue reading



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