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Home Renovations

Yes, amazingly, as promised I am actually doing a post on our interior work! Over the summer, over two months ago, I finally finally finished plastering the living room. I did all the plastering, and most of the paint removal before that, so it was supposed to be my husband’s job to sand the walls. Of course, there was no attempt to sand the walls in the last two months, but eventually, we decided we should sand it together the weekend before this.

So we draped everything in plastic to avoid the dust problem we had when we stripped the paint.

Our living room newly deconstructed.

Finally all white with new plaster

We even taped up a tarp over the doorway, though with a quite weak tape that failed a few times as we worked. The draft was fun to watch, making it billow back into the dining room.

Little Cookie was also curious, so we had to shut her and the others away in the bedroom

Surely, we thought, a draft like this can be held back with a few books...

Apparently, you should use duct tape instead, next time we definitely will. Also, we probably should have know not to pile everything we had in the living room on the dining room table. As you will soon see. Here is what we had after the three or more hours of sanding (Not bad for all the grueling hours I put into getting the plaster onto the walls; electric sanders are wonderful).

Mmmmm... Powdered Sugar...

Of course, it covers everything in the living room...

Then, a bit of the way into those three hours we noticed a light snow building up behind the curtains so tried to lessen the damage by draping another tarp over all our things on the dining room table.

Pity we didn't notice earlier but you learn

We had had the forethought to close the doors to the bathroom and two bedrooms, however…

Foggy Study

Foggy Bedroom

As you can see, it might have been a good idea to shove some towels into the inch wide opening between the bedroom doors and the floor. The bathroom came through pretty much unscathed though because there’s a raised lip of wood to cover the edge of the tile floor, pretty much eliminating that gap.

Then, there was this weekend. Starting at noon yesterday and working leisurely until about 6 o’clock tonight, we finally painted our front room. Let us please remember where we started.

June 2010: Gotta love our floors now that they're refinished and not orange

Notice the super chic newspapers over the windows

Now, finally, a finished room – viewed from sunset, of course, but you can just see the light subtle green.

Everything back in place and finally our TV properly mounted

and FINALLY pictures on the wall, I need many pictures on every wall.

This makes 4 out of 6 rooms painted, but this one feels the real accomplishment. This is the only room that has been properly replastered and sanded. There were a dozen large cracks throughout the room, now all completely invisible.

Maybe this will make us more eager to get the rest of the rooms done.



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