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A Tough Year

The last year’s been an eventful one, both good and bad. It started out very well, after four years of torture, teaching at an Oakland public school, my husband finally decided to send out resumes for local private schools and was quickly scooped up by one in San Francisco. A bit farther for his commute … Continue reading

Economical Design

For over two years now, I’ve had my garden design set in my mind. Featured plants have shifted as I’ve fallen more in love with the idea of an all native garden, but one constant has been the decomposed granite I wanted for my hardscaping. But you may have noticed throughout my previous posts that … Continue reading

Another Year Gone

So what happened in 2012 while I wasn’t posting… Here is Stiggy stepping out into her early spring garden. When the winter rains came, the grass quickly took over all the spaces we’d cleared the summer before. Hopefully this next year we’ll have the money to install the decomposed granite I want so this won’t … Continue reading

Planning for the Flood…

After an unusually dry winter, the rain started finally started again this last week. There was nearly nonstop rain from Sunday to Friday, around four inches in total (bringing our total since September to 9…). Enough to finally fully soak the ground and again make our drainage trench into a babbling brook through our back … Continue reading

December Bloom Day

This last month has been a slow one. I was extremely happy to get a delivery of plants for the garden but as most of them are going to grow into large accent shrubs and trees, even though they been planted, they don’t look awe-inspiring yet. Even so, let me run through the list. A … Continue reading

November Bloom Day

Divisions and Seed Starting

Oh, I think one of my absolute favorite parts of gardening is dividing my plants. That time in their development when they’re finally big enough to fill the space I put them in originally and look lovely… but awkward as well because they suddenly seem to stand all alone or in a strange arrangement compared … Continue reading

Home Renovations

Yes, amazingly, as promised I am actually doing a post on our interior work! Over the summer, over two months ago, I finally finally finished plastering the living room. I did all the plastering, and most of the paint removal before that, so it was supposed to be my husband’s job to sand the walls. … Continue reading

Stress Relief

These past two months have been filled with stress after stress. First, my husband, the OUSD teacher, received his pink slip, along with 1/3 of all the teachers in Oakland. About a month ago, that slip was rescinded, but two weeks before that I found out that my near senile boss had advertised my job. … Continue reading

Focusing on the Lower Garden

Just over a month ago, I was so proud of myself when I was able to post that I had cleared the grass from the island in the middle of our lower garden. A month’s worth of evening gardening since and a few hours of rototilling donated by my husband, we’ve completely transformed the lower … Continue reading



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