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Economical Design

For over two years now, I’ve had my garden design set in my mind. Featured plants have shifted as I’ve fallen more in love with the idea of an all native garden, but one constant has been the decomposed granite I wanted for my hardscaping. But you may have noticed throughout my previous posts that … Continue reading

Painting and Weeding

Forced to stop due to the rain, this seems as good a time as any to give an update. Last weekend was busy with Patrick pushing me much harder than I prefer to work. But as long as he’s working, I feel bad to relax. Right now it’s a bit different though, while he finishes … Continue reading

A Month Later

My last post pretty much corresponded with the beginning of my new job. Things have been far too busy for me to even imagine what I could write about but luckily, not so busy that I haven’t been able to detach from my job over the weekends and spend time enjoying the garden and working … Continue reading

Finally Emerging

I’ve been horribly negligent about the bulbs that I so badly needed to buy over the last few months. Not on the buying side, I bought lots of bulbs but never got to planting them. Not until past all the recommended planting dates. On either January 8th or 9th, can’t remember, I planted the Muscari … Continue reading


So wonderful news, we’re getting a New Years Gift from our contractor! He’s painting our house, completely, instead of just priming it like he’s required to. So no more pink house! He told us this last Thursday when he came by in the evening and they started painting on Friday. We had already been thinking … Continue reading

Even More Water

As forecasted, Oakland received just over two inches of rain during the night. Did our newly dug trench survive the night, did it move the excess water away from the boggy top of the yard? Yes! And it still is! Looking just at the sky, one would think that the rain has stopped already but … Continue reading

Far too Much Water

So this weekend, I was finally set to stop procrastinating and fill our green bin with blackberry brambles. And I did, as much as could fit at least, which happened to be a bit less than half. In the process of pulling and separating the amazingly long canes (some twisting nearly a dozen feet), I … Continue reading

Weeds and the Lemon Tree

I don’t have so much to add after my last post, just a couple pictures to post. I’ve mentioned before that I knew the top of my garden was weed infested and that I had even seen some of those nasty Oxalis clovers next to the fence when first viewing the house. Well… there is … Continue reading

Weekend Gardening

I was so so happy that the weekend arrived and it was actually dry like they said it would be. I’ve had a great desire to be out working in the garden lately but by the time I get home on a weekday, the light is already going. I’m barely able to look around and … Continue reading

Walls and a Tiny Window

The shell has now been covered up in a mix of the old and new siding and everything is nearly complete with the garage. I would say it is all just in time for the rain but the roof is still just bare boards. But then, I know Abel is at the site right now … Continue reading



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