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Divisions and Seed Starting

Oh, I think one of my absolute favorite parts of gardening is dividing my plants. That time in their development when they’re finally big enough to fill the space I put them in originally and look lovely… but awkward as well because they suddenly seem to stand all alone or in a strange arrangement compared … Continue reading

Paint and Plaster

During the past three months or so, we’ve worked on and off, little by little, on the front room walls. The front room more than any other had very bad paint, not color, although I can’t stand any of the colors the house came with, but the paint was dimpled and cracked on all the … Continue reading

Finally Emerging

I’ve been horribly negligent about the bulbs that I so badly needed to buy over the last few months. Not on the buying side, I bought lots of bulbs but never got to planting them. Not until past all the recommended planting dates. On either January 8th or 9th, can’t remember, I planted the Muscari … Continue reading


So wonderful news, we’re getting a New Years Gift from our contractor! He’s painting our house, completely, instead of just priming it like he’s required to. So no more pink house! He told us this last Thursday when he came by in the evening and they started painting on Friday. We had already been thinking … Continue reading

Far too Much Water

So this weekend, I was finally set to stop procrastinating and fill our green bin with blackberry brambles. And I did, as much as could fit at least, which happened to be a bit less than half. In the process of pulling and separating the amazingly long canes (some twisting nearly a dozen feet), I … Continue reading

Weekend Gardening

I was so so happy that the weekend arrived and it was actually dry like they said it would be. I’ve had a great desire to be out working in the garden lately but by the time I get home on a weekday, the light is already going. I’m barely able to look around and … Continue reading


Almost two weeks ago now, we finally got a kitchen floor. So simple and such a pain to be without. Although I’ve already had to get on my hands and knees to clean up dirty little footprints left by one of our new kittens. We’ve been in the house since July but the floor so … Continue reading


Came home to see some quite unexpected things for the past two days in a row. First we find that our porch is finished. Yaaaay! Although, I’m sure you can see, I forgot to take pictures yesterday. But two days ago, we came home to this and were very happy too. The only thing left … Continue reading

The Grand Design

I’ve talked about it in pretty much all of the posts I’ve made before about the garden, but I haven’t ever posted a picture of the design I’m seeing in my head. So today, I’m letting everyone in on the secret. (BTW, I drew the outline based on the Google earth screenshot of my house, … Continue reading

New Growth

Going out last night to take some pictures around the backyard, I found that two new plants were starting to bud up. These are two that came with the house, that we cut down to ground level just after the house was officially ours – so two months ago. Since then they’ve grown like crazy … Continue reading



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