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It’s Ours

I got an text message from my Realtor at 12:16 and it’s officially ours! We’re now the owners of record. Wow, I’ve been looking at houses for over a year now, how the hell am I going to fill my time now, hah Advertisements

Prospect Mortgage 2

Sorry to bring another escrow post but I was looking through the last one all night, trying to find reason in what has happened. Of course, I still don’t see it anywhere but I did think this morning to look back a bit farther and find out when exactly XXXX received my file again… Now, … Continue reading

Prospect Mortgage

Yet again… I don’t know how they can possibly find ways to delay our escrow more every day, but somehow they do. I want to make it clear right off that if you ever come across Prospect Mortgage, do not work with them! I began the process of pre-approval for an FHA 203k loan with … Continue reading



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