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Painting and Weeding

Forced to stop due to the rain, this seems as good a time as any to give an update. Last weekend was busy with Patrick pushing me much harder than I prefer to work. But as long as he’s working, I feel bad to relax. Right now it’s a bit different though, while he finishes … Continue reading


Almost two weeks ago now, we finally got a kitchen floor. So simple and such a pain to be without. Although I’ve already had to get on my hands and knees to clean up dirty little footprints left by one of our new kittens. We’ve been in the house since July but the floor so … Continue reading

Doors, Flowers, and a Porch

So in the last few weeks, we’ve, mostly I, have made quite a bit of progress on the kitchen built-in refinishing… Phase 1: the doors. It may not look it, but the door below is finished and ready for painting, we have three such doors so far. Okay, actually we’ve only been working little by … Continue reading

After the Move

So we’ve been in the house now for just over two weeks and have been able to use our three weekends so far to bring a bit of order to the inside of the house. The outside may still have a lot of construction materials and a very bad looking propped up porch roof, but … Continue reading



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