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Ours is the Most Beautiful House

…at least, on the street, if not farther out. To say the least, that Robin’s Egg blue isn’t on our house anymore. The painter’s finished the day yesterday sooo close to being completely finished with the house and for the first time this week, we came home before sunset and were actually able to see … Continue reading


So wonderful news, we’re getting a New Years Gift from our contractor! He’s painting our house, completely, instead of just priming it like he’s required to. So no more pink house! He told us this last Thursday when he came by in the evening and they started painting on Friday. We had already been thinking … Continue reading

Boring Little Things

Over the last couple weeks, progress has slowly been made. The garage is still electric doorless since the door is a bit rich for our blood, at least until about new year, but there is now a side access door and Abel’s part of the job is finished (except for them emptying it of their … Continue reading


Now, yesterday, we came home to find that nothing had happened around the house, but two days ago we came home to find three things entirely unexpected. I haven’t been able to talk to Abel yet about it, but as these are extras being done to the place and not negatives, I guess I’m okay… … Continue reading

After the Move

So we’ve been in the house now for just over two weeks and have been able to use our three weekends so far to bring a bit of order to the inside of the house. The outside may still have a lot of construction materials and a very bad looking propped up porch roof, but … Continue reading



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