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Finally Emerging

I’ve been horribly negligent about the bulbs that I so badly needed to buy over the last few months. Not on the buying side, I bought lots of bulbs but never got to planting them. Not until past all the recommended planting dates. On either January 8th or 9th, can’t remember, I planted the Muscari … Continue reading

Ours is the Most Beautiful House

…at least, on the street, if not farther out. To say the least, that Robin’s Egg blue isn’t on our house anymore. The painter’s finished the day yesterday sooo close to being completely finished with the house and for the first time this week, we came home before sunset and were actually able to see … Continue reading

Boring Little Things

Over the last couple weeks, progress has slowly been made. The garage is still electric doorless since the door is a bit rich for our blood, at least until about new year, but there is now a side access door and Abel’s part of the job is finished (except for them emptying it of their … Continue reading

New Foundations, Lil’ Front Garden

So pulling into our driveway on the first, we found that the carcass of our garage had been carried away during the workday (well, most of it, some being around the backyard). And we now understood the sign we saw hooked onto our back door the day before. We quickly decided to take their advice … Continue reading


Came home to see some quite unexpected things for the past two days in a row. First we find that our porch is finished. Yaaaay! Although, I’m sure you can see, I forgot to take pictures yesterday. But two days ago, we came home to this and were very happy too. The only thing left … Continue reading

Grand Entrance

It’s taken a bit longer than we originally thought, but finally our front porch is starting to look like a porch. Our little house started with an understated and after nearly a hundred years, an unstable and leaning porch but now its nearly transformed into the grand entry our restored old beauty deserves. Not to … Continue reading

Doors, Flowers, and a Porch

So in the last few weeks, we’ve, mostly I, have made quite a bit of progress on the kitchen built-in refinishing… Phase 1: the doors. It may not look it, but the door below is finished and ready for painting, we have three such doors so far. Okay, actually we’ve only been working little by … Continue reading

Work Begins Again

Finally, yesterday we had workmen at the house again. I don’t think I mentioned it but we’ve had a break in construction and almost nothing has happened since we moved in at the beginning of the month. The problem was with Prospect Mortgage – even after we finally got through closing, they held us up … Continue reading



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