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Weekend Gardening

I was so so happy that the weekend arrived and it was actually dry like they said it would be. I’ve had a great desire to be out working in the garden lately but by the time I get home on a weekday, the light is already going. I’m barely able to look around and … Continue reading

Walls and a Tiny Window

The shell has now been covered up in a mix of the old and new siding and everything is nearly complete with the garage. I would say it is all just in time for the rain but the roof is still just bare boards. But then, I know Abel is at the site right now … Continue reading

New Growth

Going out last night to take some pictures around the backyard, I found that two new plants were starting to bud up. These are two that came with the house, that we cut down to ground level just after the house was officially ours – so two months ago. Since then they’ve grown like crazy … Continue reading

Grand Entrance

It’s taken a bit longer than we originally thought, but finally our front porch is starting to look like a porch. Our little house started with an understated and after nearly a hundred years, an unstable and leaning porch but now its nearly transformed into the grand entry our restored old beauty deserves. Not to … Continue reading

Work Begins Again

Finally, yesterday we had workmen at the house again. I don’t think I mentioned it but we’ve had a break in construction and almost nothing has happened since we moved in at the beginning of the month. The problem was with Prospect Mortgage – even after we finally got through closing, they held us up … Continue reading

First Shovelfuls

Last week on Sunday evening, we took out the hose to soak the ground at the back of the yard, preparing for our first transplant. Patrick has started demolishing the small retaining wall and will soon be knocking rocks and concrete onto the old roses there, so we’re moving them for their own safety. We … Continue reading

Lemons, Blackberries, and Roses

Popping by the house last night, I was finally able to remember to take some pictures (after going back to the car for the camera). Like I wrote last week, I decided to let Patrick take off some limbs on the lemon tree. I did the supervising as he would have just cut off too … Continue reading



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